Young Five Program

Southgate Young Fives FAQs

Who is eligible?

  • In the state of Michigan, children who turn five by September 1st are eligible for kindergarten/Young 5s (placement determined by Kindergarten Readiness Screener). Children who turn five September 1st - December 1st are given the option of attending preschool or kindergarten/Young Fives (with a waiver) if they are able to show school readiness based on the Kindergarten Readiness Screener.

How is it determined if Young Fives is appropriate for my child?

  • Students are eligible based on age and/or readiness.  Southgate Schools staff will provide a developmental screening to determine and make a recommendation for the “best fit” placement for your child.  Parents have the option of Requesting Y5 as part of the enrollment process and requests are considered but the final decision rests with the district.

My child attended preschool as a 3 and/or 4-year-old.  Will they be able to attend Young Fives?

  • Preschool attendance will be taken into consideration when making a recommendation for the Young Fives program, but is not the only factor.  Even if your child attended preschool and seems academically ready,  they still may need a growth year before being socially or emotionally ready for the rigors of a fast paced kindergarten curriculum. 

Where will it be housed?

  • There are two Young Five classes offered, one is at Allen Elementary and one is at Grogan Elementary.

Is there a cost?

  • There is no cost!  This program is part of Southgate Community Schools, so it is tuition-free!  This also means that your child qualifies for all of the same services as a traditional kindergartener.



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Who will be teaching my child?

  • A certified and experienced SCSD teacher will be teaching our Young Fives classes.

What grade/school will my child attend the year after Young Fives?

  • All children enrolled in the Young Fives program will go on to attend kindergarten the following year.  All students will return to their neighborhood school for kindergarten.

What will my child be learning?

  • Young Fives will focus on literacy, mathematics, and social-emotional learning as focus points.  Teachers will move at a pace that nurtures and encourages development and growth in all areas of learning, so that students can easily transition to kindergarten.  Please see the Young Fives Curriculum Tri-Fold guide for more specific information about Curriculum.


  • Young Fives provides students with a strong foundation for school success offering:

  • Early exposure to kindergarten curriculum

  • Familiarity with school routine to help build confidence

  • A learning environment tailored to meet developing academic and/or social needs

The Young Fives program serves as a bridge to kindergarten by providing students with time to develop core academic and social skills under the care and guidance of professional educators. Young Fives is the first of a two-year kindergarten program.

Students will thrive in a nurturing environment that prepares them for school success in kindergarten and beyond.