Connie Swistara

Halloween Costume Guidelines

Wednesday, October 31 students are allowed to wear costumes to school.  Masks must be carried while entering and exiting the building.  For safety reasons, we need to see the students' faces as they enter and exit the building.  Costumes must be appropriate for elementary school.  Blood, gore, violence and weapons of any kind are not allowed.  Facial paint/make-up may be worn but must follow the appropriate guidelines.  Costumes and facial paint must be applied at home.  

Parents will be allowed to line the main hallway and watch the Halloween parade.  The parade will start at approximately at 9:30 a.m.  Only those who are volunteering in classrooms that morning will be allowed back in the classrooms.

Connie Swistara

Check this post for book fair details on October 23rd and 24th at Grogan!

When: October 23 and October 24 and during Oktoberfest at Grogan Elementary.

  Tuesday 10/23 Wednesday 10/24
8:25 AM Gildner Kemp
8:55 AM Rucarean Faes
9:25 AM Kovach Wasilewski
9:55 AM Kelley Kennedy
10:25 AM Thrasher Gullen
12:05 PM Kuhn  
1:30 PM Kochanoski Ferrera/Suchy
2:00 PM Mangiapane Porter